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Edmark Bubble C (20 sachets)

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  • MADE FROM REAL ORANGES Bubble C is made from natural spray-dried orange juice concentrate, effectively boosting the immune system to fight colds and infection.

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  • A refreshing instant orange beverage loaded with natural Vitamin C and Calcium that gives you refreshing energy in every bubbly burst.

  • Every glass is loaded with Vitamin C that is equivalent to that of three fresh oranges! REFRESH your body with every cool glass of Bubble C.

  • ENERGIZE your health with real Vitamin C and Calcium goodness! BURST into bubbly fun and stride forward into the exciting day ahead! BUBBLE C BENEFITS LOADED WITH VITAMIN C Helps increase the body’s natural collagen production which enhances skin complexion and protects hair from damage.

  • Aids in better iron and nutrient absorption by the body.

  • Regenerates anti-oxidant like Vitamin E thus preventing cancer and heart disease.

  • FORTIFIED WITH CALCIUM Energizes the body by boosting metabolism to aid in slimming.

  • Helps in forming bones, teeth, and muscles, and also in repairing blood vessels and connective tissues.

  • ENHANCED NATURAL COLOURING The orange colour of Bubble C is enhanced with natural colouring from Carotene, the pigment that gives carrots its bright orange colour.

  • SAFE-FOR-ALL SWEETENER Sweetened by natural fructose which does not raise blood sugar levels.

  • Safe for those with diabetes

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