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HD Night Vision Driving Glasses

Sku: SLSP5903
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  • YELLOW NIGHT VISION LENSES: Yellow lenses reduce the halo effect around lights at night. They also sharpen vision in rainy or cloudy conditions. You will often find Shooting glasses with yellow lenses to help increase contrast and clarity. Yellow glasses are excellent for motorcycle riding and cycling at night. 100% UV Protection.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT POLYCARBONATE LENSES – Eye protection should always be a priority when shopping for night vision sunglasses. Polycarbonate impact-resistant tank thermoplastic that is virtually unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant. Have you tried to break a CD (compact disc) before? It can’t be done! CDs are made of polycarbonate. Your eyes are worth every penny you spend on sunglasses.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Constructed of TR90 thermoplastic, these frames are so lightweight you will barely notice they are on. These sunglasses will be excellent for those long road trips, playing 18 holes of golf, or spending a day at the beach.
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