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Preparatory English Pupil's Book 7

Sku: SLSP6002
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  • ISBN:9789987818839
  • Number of pages: 102 pages
  • Product Format: Paperback
  • Author: Janeth William Mollel
  • Publisher: Longhorn Publishers Ltd
  • Year published: 2020
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Preparatory Vocational Skills for Standard 7 is a new coursebook that covers exhaustively the new 2016 syllabus for Primary Schools in Tanzania.

Preparatory English Standard Seven has the following unique features:

1) Language used is simple and self-explanatory

2) Concepts are arranged logically from known to unknown

3) Approaches used are learner-friendly and learner-centered, encouraging the pupil to work even in the absence of the teacher.

4) Clear illustrations and diagrams which help the learner understand better the subject matter

5) Practical activities and examples strengthen and enhance the learner's memory.

6) Exercises and revision exercises at the end of every sub-topic and topic respectively

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  • Preparatory English for Standard 4
  • Preparatory English for Standard 5
  • Preparatory English for Standard 6

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