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Preparatory Vocational Skills Standard 5 PB

Sku: SLSP6055
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  • ISBN:9789987818426
  • Number of pages: 104 pages
  • Product Format: Paperback
  • Author: Rahma J. Mushi
  • Publisher: Longhorn Publishers Ltd
  • Year published: 2019
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  • Language used is simple and self-explanatory 
  • Concepts are arranged logically from known to unknown 
  • Approaches used are both learner friendly and learner-centered which encourage the pupil to work even in the absence of the teacher.
  • Clear illustrations and diagrams which help the learner understand better the subject matter 
  • Practical activities and examples which strengthen and enhance the memory of the learner.
  • Exercises and revision exercises at the end of every sub-topic and topic respectively

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