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Samsung 18BTU Ceiling Cassette

Sku: SLSP3931
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  • Ideal Compact Size

  • Self-Diagnosis

  • Mode Fan Speed

  • Adjustment Ideal

  • Compact Size

  • Installing the Mini 4Way Cassette is easy.

  • This compact air conditioning unit can fit into one standard ceiling tile measuring 600Wx600D, meaning that alterations are unnecessary.

  • With no extra construction work to carry out, set-up time is reduced, as is the subsequent financial impact on businesses.

  • Auto Surround Swing This innovative air conditioning unit distributes cool and warm air even further with the minimum of noise.

  • The efficient system suits all manner of rooms, ensuring no section is overlooked MDS; Motion Detect Sensor (Optional)

  • The Mini 4Way Cassette offers a smart solution to saving energy and costs with its optional Motion Detector Sensor (MDS), which regulates the optimal amount of airflow.

  • It works by turning off the air conditioning system once it detects the absence of any users in the vicinity.

  • Energy efficiency is further maximized through its ability to automatically identify and set operation patterns.

  • MDS also reduces the contrasting effect of warm and cold airflow directly at individuals, thus creating a more constant and comfortable environment.

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