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Samsung Vacuum Cleaner VC16

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  • Can get rid of dust and pet hair - dust bags Vacuum cleaners do not capture the same capacity as bags without bags.

  • Their bags must be replaced even before the middle of the bag is filled.

  • This is not effective or feasible. So goodbye now, with vacuum cleaners working without bags you will stop searching for and spending money on the right kind of bags, both in the store and on the Internet.

  • It is important before anything that the vacuum cleaner cleans the floors and not the wallet.

  • Effective suction power for a cleaner home With Samsung’s Twin Chamber System ™, you can enjoy a highly efficient and efficient cleaning experience.

  • As the cyclic air generate din the inner chamber compels the remains of the lint and the sediment and all the particles of fine dust to enter the outer room and away from the filter. Which in turn helps prevent blockage and ensures long-term suction power to enjoy cleaner home.

  • Ease of use and more easy discharge After you have finished cleaning the entire house using a vacuum cleaner, you will get rid of any remaining dust on the floor the last thing you want.

  • Simply unpack and manage the dust container to open it and empty its contents in the trash directly.

  • One of the suction power accessories The NB 300 brush adjusts airflow in the nozzle to get higher suction power all the time.

  • They are also made of special materials that prevent dust from sticking to the bottom panel, so you will not have to waste time cleaning the supplement.

  • In addition, the brush has a soft backing to protect the furniture from tearing and scratching 

  • Dust Collection: Twin Chamber

  • Suction Power: 350W

  • Dust Capacity: 1.5L

  • Noise Level: 83

  • DBA Motor Power: 1600W

  • Brush: 2-Step Brush

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